Charcoal on 8.5" x 11" paper, laquered

The "Portrait" drawings continue the investigation of objects as a means of representation of the self. For this installation I asked artist colleagues to select an object that would represent their presence in my work. Their objects convey meaning of various personal experiences. Some objects reference their artwork, others represent a connection to a past event or person, and still others signify a pivotal point in their lives. The drawings are constructed on handwritten drafts of a research paper connected with the project. The text is not intended to inform but to provide a unifying context for the installation.

What was an unexpected response to this process was the transference of the owner's presence to their selected object. These objects embodied a curious psychological weight through their signification. It was as if my colleagues were manifest in this diverse collection of things. Drawing is an intimate process of discovery and it was a moving experience to look beyond the object's tactile features to sense the intangible emotional reverence bestowed upon it.