I approach drawing as a contemplative and meditative process of discovery. The subjects I choose to draw vary from eggs depicted with graphite, to detailed articulations of objects, to renderings of natural forms.

In my drawing of objects, there are several explorations that intrigue me. One study focuses on dolls to represent complex social narratives. In another, I am interested in the myriad of small possessions people accumulate and how these items help inform one’s sense of self. From that body of work I recognized that some objects possess an iconic quality that may convey several interpretations. These representations of objects to suggest human abstract concepts such as power, time, or authority, are compelling to me. In the “Portrait” series I asked colleagues to select a treasured object to represent their identity in a group portrait. Identity, the inquiry and expression of self, especially through the object, is an ongoing theme in my work.

Many of the sculptures are nature-based site-specific installations created with an artist collaborator. Workings with natural materials, and responding to the history of a site and the physical attributes of the landscape, help to inform the expressions realized. Creating artwork with nature is a liberating and challenging endeavor considering the physical scale of the work and the impermanence of most organic materials. In addition, the collaborative process is a dynamic dialogue as two individuals give expression with one voice.

Working with both drawing and sculpture has given form to a body of work that has elements of both disciplines. The boundaries between the two approaches are blurred as I incorporate drawing on my sculptures or as I experiment with the form and installation of my drawings.